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BIG is proud to represent the leading marine insurance companies both domestically and from around the world. Our international marine experience and professionalism gives us access to all major insurance markets from Clubs to Lloyd’s of London to small domestic companies. Additionally, through our network of marine professionals we can provide access to the leading marine insurance experts from around the world. Our experience in all phases of marine insurance from manufacturers, shipyards, marinas, cargo shippers, boat dealers and contractors makes BIG the smart choice for your marine insurance needs.

One of the Marine Industry’s greatest challenges is compliance with International, Federal and State laws. At BIG, we recognize this issue and offer complimentary consultations on all phases of marine coverage and insurance compliance.

The Marine Industry is the only industry where Federal law specifically states situations by which corporate owners and officers lose the protection of the corporate veil in certain cases of job related employee injury. Proper insurance coverage is necessary to protect both the marine business and its principals and officers.

Available Converages:

  • Marine General Liability (MGL) which covers liability to the general public arising out of your work being performed in a marine job, including products / completed operations for liabilities after the work is completed.
  • Stevedores Legal Liability, to protect stevedores for property damage during the loading and unloading of vessels at port.
  • Terminal Operators Legal Liability, to protect operators for loss or damage to cargo while handling cargo for import and export.
  • Wharfingers Legal Liability, to protect companies, such as dock or pier owners and operators, for property damage to watercraft in their care for purposes of docking.
  • Protection and Indemnity (P&I), which covers liability arising out of the operation of any boat/vessel. Includes bodily injury, third party property damage, and in most cases wreck removal.
  • Hull / EquipmentH, which covers physical damage to your owned or leased vessels, barges and contractors equipment.
  • LLongshore (USL&H), which covers legal responsibility to employees working on, over or in areas “adjoining” navigable waters.
  • Crew / Maritime Employers Liability (MEL), which covers liability to your employees working on or from vessels. This coverage is often referred to as Jones Act and can be provided under a P&I policy or by a separate MEL policy.
  • Cargo, which covers against physical damage or loss of goods during shipment. Coverage can be provided on an individual basis as each shipment is made or under a marine open cargo policy.
  • Blue Water Hull, commercial ocean going vessels including bulk carriers, tankers, gas carriers, chemical tankers, cruise vessels and container vessels.
  • Marine & Energy Liability, marine transportation / vessel operations, ship owners, oil and gas, shipbuilding and repair yards and marine construction.
  • Crane & Rigging Operations, which covers commercial tower cranes, crawler cranes, all terrain cranes and luffing cranes. Pollution, which covers legal liability to clean up any oil, fuel or other pollutant you discharge or spill.


225 SE 15th Terrace, Deerfield Beach, FL