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Experience Mod – We Have You Covered.

Do you know why your workers’ compensation premiums went up or down in the past few years? Do you know how much more or less your competitor is paying for workers’ comp coverage? Do you know how much you could potentially be saving on your premiums by targeting your company’s cost drivers with loss control actions?

These are all questions BIG can answer by performing an analysis of your business’s experience rating factor, or mod. Through a mod analysis we can:

  • Help you understand what the mod is, how your loss history affects the mod and how the mod impacts your bottom line
  • Identify and analyze problem areas
  • Develop targeted solutions to improve problem areas and reduce premium and claims costs
  • Make the mod part of your total risk management strategy

Let us perform a complimentary mod analysis for your business to show you the difference it can make for your company’s bottom line.  Contact your BIG  representative at (954) 800-6400 to discuss  who can provide you with a mod analysis and consultation.  This analysis will provide insight into the potential cost savings and opportunity of working to optimize your mod.





225 SE 15th Terrace, Deerfield Beach, FL