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Auto & Fleet – We Have You Covered.

Whether you have just a few company vehicles or a full fleet, your commercial auto insurance premium can be controlled through a variety of factors. Establishing a fleet program, good control measures and best safety practices can assist you in managing the price of commercial auto insurance.

Bellwether Insurance Group’s Commercial Auto and Fleet Safety progams can help lower your premiums and deductibles, auto exposures and controls, and market concerns. Bellwether Insurance Group takes an aggressive approach on cost containment and managing fleet exposures.

There are many aspects of exposure control, including pre-loss measures, post-loss procedures and vehicle maintenance.

Cellphone/Handheld Devices and Driver Education

Cellphones and other personal handheld devices are commonplace in today’s driving environment. This convenience comes at a cost. Financial exposures are tremendous when looking at accidents caused by inattentive driving behaviors.

Maintenance and Claims Handling

One direct impact on exposure control is proper and regular maintenance of all vehicles.

Contact your Bellwether Insurance Group representative at (954) 800-6400 to discuss how you can implement a program to assist you in managing your total cost of risk to impact your price of commercial automobile coverage.





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